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Piano regulation and voicing are essential to maximizing the performance of your instrument. While most piano owners recognize that their instruments need to be tuned, rarely do they understand the vital importance of regulation. At Hurcomb Piano Service, I offer piano regulation in Shawnee, KS.

When a piano technician tunes your piano, you probably know that the pitch is being adjusted and corrected. However, another type of tuning is also necessary. Tone regulation is the modification of the instrument’s mechanical components to offset the effects of wear and tear.

Pianos are generally comprised of anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 parts. While each has its own unique role, they work synergistically to yield a rich timbre. As your piano technician, I will regulate the action components and timing so that each note on the piano operates at its maximum level. When I regulate your piano, you will notice uniformity from note to note, your keyboard will be more responsive to faster fingerings and clean phrasings, and it will command a wide dynamic range.

I offer vertical piano regulation and upright piano regulation at unbeatable prices. Frequency of piano regulation is contingent upon the amount of use, climate changes, age, condition, and quality of the piano.

When your piano displays a decrease in dynamic ranges, or the touch of the keys are uneven or sticking, it is probably time for piano regulation. For premier piano maintenance and regulation, look no further than my services at Hurcomb Piano Service.

Give me a call today and enjoy your piano’s optimal performance for a lifetime.

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