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At Hurcomb Piano Service, I offer renowned piano repair in Shawnee, KS. Most common piano repairs do not require moving the piano to my repair shop, and can be done at the customer’s location. Some repairs require the removal and transportation of the piano to my shop if extensive work is necessary.

Whether your piano is new or old, sticking keys can result from small objects like hairpins, coins, pencils, crumbs, and crayons falling into the piano. Over time, these small objects often find their way into the moving parts of the piano, degrading its voicing and performance. Such objects can even damage action parts and may need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes a front rail key pin just needs adjustment.

Another common factor that can affect keyboard performance is humidity. Many of the piano’s working parts are composed of wood and felt—both of which are sensitive to changes in humidity. Even if your keys are working properly on the day I inspect your piano, I will make the necessary adjustments to ensure longevity in your piano’s performance.

Squeaky notes or piano chords are generally not expensive to remedy. Usually the problem stems from a contact point between a leather- or felt-covered area and a metal part in the action that has dried or become hardened. In this case, I apply a little bit of powdered graphite, which does much in the way of resolving these troublesome squeaks. In an old upright piano, it is not uncommon to find hammer butt flanges that are damage, and jack flanges that have broken off the wippen because of a weak glue joint.

At Hurcomb Piano Service, I can repair or replace broken treble strings as well as bass strings. These repairs and replacements are generally fast, efficient, and inexpensive. New treble and bass strings tend to go flat quickly, so a few follow-up visits may be necessary before these new strings settle in.

I am proud to offer second-to-none restoration of pianos at unbeatable prices.

Rely on me as your go-to piano repair specialist today.

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