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Piano tuning is vital when it comes to experiencing the sound and beauty of your instrument. That is why I provide second-to-none piano tuning in Shawnee, KS. As a piano tuning expert, I have repaired every problem a piano can have, including sticking keys, water, fire, or smoke damage, cabinet touch-up, and action regulation—not to mention refinishing and restoration.

A piano usually goes out of tune because of the atmosphere. For instance, high humidity can cause the soundboard to swell, whereupon the strings begin to stretch, producing a too sharp pitch. In newer pianos, the strings will start to stretch while the wooden parts begin to compress, thereby causing the piano to go flat. Since a piano is comprised of thousands of parts—most of which function simultaneously—there are also a variety of other reasons a piano can go out of tune.

Manufacturers typically recommend tuning your piano at least twice a year to ensure proper regulation and upkeep. However, whether it has been a couple of months or a couple of decades since your piano was tuned, schedule an appointment with me at Hurcomb Piano Service. As a piano tuning professional, I will assess the vibration among the notes, and since each instrument is unique, I will tune your piano accordingly until its original, rich timbre is restored.

As a renowned piano technician, I am dedicated to my craft, and I will diligently ensure all of the minute modifications to the tensions of your piano properly align the intervals between pitches until the piano is tuned. When it comes to tuning and rebuilding the niceties of your instrument, no other service compares.

Reach out to my piano tuning services today.

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